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As monetary policy consultants, we are in the relationship business. We forge a close relationship with you as a client and interact regularly in pre-FOMC calls ahead of each of the eight FOMC meetings annually. As a client, you have access to us anytime via phone and email. Indeed, one of the favorite aspects of our work is the personal interactions we have with our clients.

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One of the best ways to know and appreciate our years of experience is to look at some of our writing and participate in a pre-FOMC call. This can help you understand more about us, what we do, as well as the value we can offer to clients.

Monetary Policy Analytics’ commentaries are widely read by strategists, traders, and brokers at major financial firms. Our mission is to help clients understand the FOMC, how policy gets made, the strategy that underpins monetary policy, and the developments that are driving monetary policy at any given moment. This helps clients better anticipate monetary policy and understand its implications for rates. 

As you can see from some of our commentaries and other writing, we write…a lot. Our job is to keep our clients informed of changes and impacts in their industry.

To Get To Know Us

One of the best ways to get to know us and our years of expertise, is take a look at some of our writing. This can help you understand more about what we do as well as the value we can offer to our clients.

How We Help Our Clients

Direct Contact

Pre-FOMC Calls

We invite clients to join us on individual calls to set out our views on future Fed policy: what we expect, explain why, and answer questions.

Client Calls and Emails

We communicate our views via frequent and succinct written research.


We communicate this to clients through regular 1 – 1 phone calls, email responses to clients’ questions, commentaries ahead of each FOMC meeting and after each meeting, upon the release of the minutes, FOMC participants’ macro and rate projections, and the Chairman’s press conference, as well as though commentaries on monetary policy strategy and key speeches by FOMC participants and testimonies by the chair.

Here is a list of the commentaries we regularly write.

FOMC Briefing

In the lead-up to each FOMC meeting, eight times per year, we provide a comprehensive written report on the monetary policy outlook and what to expect from the FOMC. We review the incoming data and key themes for the economic outlook and monetary policy. We set out what specific policy decisions, if any, we expect, as well as our guess about the post-meeting statement.

FOMC Cycle Commentary

We comment both in anticipation of and in reaction to all FOMC communications, which include:

FOMC Statement

FOMC Press Conferences

FOMC Macro and Rate Projections

Fed Balance Sheet Decisions

Commentary on Key Speeches and Testimony

Twice a year the Chair testifies on monetary policy before the respective oversight committees of the Senate and the House. The Q&A probes the rationale for decisions taken.

FOMC participants frequently give public remarks, whether in speeches, interviews, press conferences, or other platforms. These remarks are critical in revealing each participant’s views about the outlook and thinking about upcoming policy decisions. There is an abundance of communications, and we monitor all of it, “counting heads” to get an idea about where the consensus on policy is headed. We extract and highlight what is truly vital, as well as provide context, in written commentaries. Just as important, we identify which comments have been misinterpreted or have had too much importance attached to them.

Weekly Updates

We provide a concise overview of developments relevant to monetary policy over the last week, with an emphasis on reviewing and interpreting recent communications from FOMC participants. We look for and track the developing themes that will drive upcoming policy decisions by the Committee.

Commentary on Employment Report

The monthly jobs report is the single most important economic data release for the monetary policy outlook. When it’s released near the beginning of each month, we review it and provide our take on the implications for the labor market outlook, which weighs heavily on FOMC policy decisions.

Balance Sheet Watch

Concise commentary highlighting key emerging risks and opportunities in Fed balance sheet policy.

Policy Focus

These occasional commentaries focus on our views on monetary policy strategy and FOMC communications, key drivers of our calls about future policy drive our calls about future policy.

Macro Focus

These occasional commentaries provide insight into the macro developments that drive monetary policy.

Meyer’s Musings

These are brief, narrowly focused commentaries on key issues facing monetary policymakers.

Q&A With Larry

These brief commentaries focus on key questions regarding monetary policy and how it affects our clients.


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