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Monetary Policy Analytics monitors global macroeconomic trends as well as emerging policy challenges and produces economic forecasts. We also provide commentary and updates to monetary policy changes. We also produce regular briefings and papers that analyze relevant and contemporary macroeconomic policy issues and challenges worldwide.

NY Fed Repo Policy over Year End

Intensification. On Thursday afternoon, the NY Fed announced the schedule of repo operations for the month ahead (which spans year-end). The changes demonstrate the commitment of policymakers

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A Steady Hand into 2020

There were some small surprises here and there, but the outcome of today’s FOMC communications—the postmeeting statement, projections, and press conference—didn’t affect our views on

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Steady As She Goes

We wrote in our FOMC Briefing that policymakers are satisfied with the current positioning of monetary policy as well as their communication about how they’ll

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One More Cut Can’t Hurt

The minutes of the October 2019 FOMC meeting didn’t provide much additional insight into rates policy— either the decision at that meeting or future decisions—beyond

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